Bio/Molecular Informatics Center (BMIC)

1) Center for fusion research of Biotechnology (BT), Information technology (IT), and Nanotechnolgy
    (NT) as core scientific technologies to lead the future knowledge-based society.
2) Center for interdisciplinary scientific research program in the fields of life-, molecular- and information
3) Center for centralized academic research in Konkuk University
4) Center for global students to pursue the excellent academic research

Goal for Bio/Molecular Informatics Center (BMIC)

BMIC in Konkuk Univeristy was instituted to perform the efficient fusion research for future core scientific technologies such as Biotechnology (BT), Nanotechnology (NT) and Information Technology (IT) on March, 2002 as a selected special University research center. The center is composed of the distinguished professors from the various colleges (natural science, engineering, agriculture, (veterinary) medicine) of the University. The research fields of faculty members covered genomics, proteomics, post-genomics, chemical genomics, chemical informatics as well as bioinformatics. Fusion research among the faculty has been actively performed since its foundation.

(a) Academic excellence in fusion research in the fields of BT/NT/IT
(b) Centralization of research capacity in University
(c) Specialization of research program for the participated graduate students

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